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Areas of Focus

The Vintage Neighbourhoods

A vintage neighbourhood is a place where the streets, sidewalks, and cafe's are intergenerational, and character trumps trend. Whether its in Kyoto or Toronto or Rome ,these little oases are our obsession. In a vintage neighbourhood, style is defined by the person wearing it.

The Art

Art informs fashion; the two are intricately linked. Everything around us has been nurtured by  local designers, artisans, and tradespeople. SIlver Fox is passionate about the people behind the projects and places that give a city its flavour.

Short Stories

Since we at Silver Fox , have a particular penchant for new writers, short non fiction pieces , short stories and nostalgic memoirs ,travelogues and misadventures. As such we will go out of our way to feature the work of folks who come by a path less followed.

Why Silver Fox ?


Silver Fox Magazine looks at Vintage, Style and Culture from Rome to Toronto to Kyoto and beyond. We feature stories, people, places, projects and personalities meet at the intersection of vintage culture. These snapshots represent a collection of viewpoints, artisans, mavericks and thought leaders who believe you can do anything at any age.


Ultimately a passion for Vintage isn't just about clothes. It informs a worldview. It might start with the frocks and zoot suits but it doesn't end there. One day you might even find yourself drawn to flying to far off destinations for a cup of tea and a pair of well made boots or a kimono. Is there a cure? I hope not.


Our submissions process happens through two distinct avenues. One is a result of our own explorations and the other through our literary contests. We love reader submissions, there is a special place in our hearts for uplifting portraiture, character sketches, humour, reviews, memoirs,  travelogues. All of our submissions use the submittable platform. This allows us to streamline the process by saving paper, time and trees.

Why Silver Fox
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